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Imitation Windows Phone 7 interface of the phone book.The Pro version has no ads in current version.I will add other features in the paid version.If you want to try, go download the free version. LanguateCzech ( translation by Marek Juračka). French ( translation by Johan Jaworski).Polish( translation by Michał Jastrzębski).繁體中文, 簡體中文TODO-list:- facebook integrationChangelog:1.0.6Custom Number Sign functional.1.0.4 Add new Scroll Mode.Add pin latter in contact list.Add new colors in accent number to copy in the dialer.long click number to paste in the dialer. fix delete contact problem. light, dark themeadd # symbol in letter mode. When clicked, start to dialer. add % symbol in letter mode. When clicked, move to first contact. add Russian letter in next version.1.0.2Add Google Group ContactsCorrection settings screen to that like more WP7Correction Letter list screen1.0.1 Contact Sort By:Display name, Given name or Family name.The Pro version has no ads in current version.